The 7 Hoofboot Principles help to avoid the most common mistakes when buying hoof boots!

Have you ever tried hoofboots and failed? Have you used hoofboots and lost them all the time? Have you noticed some rubbing? Do you often break parts on your hoofboots? Is no expert available nearby? Have you lost track of the multitude of models?
There is a solution to these problems. The 7 Hoofboot Principles will help you to avoid the most common mistakes in hoofboots selection!
The 7 Hoofboot Principles…

…guide you step by step through a selection process. You may be surprised that it’s more about hoofs than hoofboots. Each step is easy to explain and easy to understand. The 7 hoof boots principles will help both riders and practitioners who want to sell hoof boots.

You will learn what needs to be taken into account before choosing hoof boots for your horse and how to avoid the most common mistakes.

Bernd Jung has over 20 years of experience in advising and coaching horses. He has already organized a 4-day seminar for practitioners 20 times. On YouTube and Vimeo you can find more than 50 videos of him. He has published multi-page articles in his country in the biggest equestrian sports magazines. Together with his sales team, he helped tens of thousands of riders from a distance to find the right hoofboots when no local expert was available.

Several videos with a total length of more than 55 minutes and easy to understand guide you step by step through the selection process.

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Introduction Video

Please take a look at this video, in which Bernd Jung explains in detail the contents of the online course.

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Look forward to 55+ minutes of concentrated hoofboot know-how!

The 7 Hoofboot Principles are clinic proven!

For more than 10 years, Bernd Jung has been teaching practitioners how to find the right hoofboot for the respective horse. In this case, The 7 Hoofboot Principles apply to 3 of 4 days. The newest and most important hoofboot models are used, and practitioners can try out which hoof boots are most suitable under practical guidance. More than 200 hoof professionals from 8 different European countries have already participated in these seminars.

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